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The Lebanon LANCERS


Mark Bell, Head Coach
Barton College, Western Kentucky University

Assistant Coaches
Michelle King - Transylvania University
John Bell - Kentucky Wesleyan.

Ernie Robinson, Operations Manager

Chris Hamilton, Marketing
(Lebanon Tourist & Convention Commission)

1.) D J Hayes
2.) Boris Siakam - Western Kentucky University
3.) Elton Scott - West Virginia University
4.) Chad Embry
5.) Anthony Epps - University of Kentucky
6.) Marlis Scott - Cincinnati, St. Catharine College
7.) Petie Spaulding - Moberly Junior College, University Tennessee Chattanooga.
8.) Mitchell Hughes - Washington County High School
9.) Dontae' Williams - Lindsey Wilson College
10.) Billy Paul Young - St. Catharine College, Tennessee Wesleyan
11.) William -June Bug- Pendygrast - Marion County High School
12.) Vince White - St. Catharine College
13.) Michael Futrell - Lindsey Wilson College
14.) Stevie Woodson

COACH Mark Bell
Pro: Turkey
NBA camp MVP
College: Barton College, leading scorer as freshman, 1 st Team All-Conference, 1 st Team All-Region...
Western Kentucky University, NCAA Sweet Sixteen.
High school: Ballard, 1988 state champ, 18 ppg as senior.

Mark was assistant coach for exactly one day before being called up to lead the Lancers into the season as Head Coach.

His knowledge, enthusiasm for the game, the players and for the area made him the perfect choice.



April 12
Double Header
Throughbreds v Gamblers
Express v Lancers

April 26 v Thunder

May 3 v Thoroughbreds

May 10 v Gamblers

May 24 v Thoroughbreds

June 7 v Gamblers

June 21 v Generals


Local tourism bureau is marketing agent for Lebanon Lancers
The Lebanon Tourist & Convention Commission will be the main marketing agent for the Lebanon Lancers and will promote the Kentucky Basketball Developmental League in central Kentucky in 2008.
The Commission is a significant resource for various economic development-related issues. The LTCC is responsible for kick-starting numerous events and fueling improvements to others in its daily effort to grow the tourism industry in Lebanon. The LTCC has also ignited capital projects that enhance its ability to accomplish that task while improving the quality of life for local citizens. The LTCC office is a source of information for topics such as branding, marketing, agritourism, potential revenue streams, impact data, general promotion of the community and more.
It also represents the community on numerous regional and statewide organizations that promote economic development and initiatives to grow the positive impact of tourism-related activities.
Lebanons current board of commissioners includes Chairperson Carlotta Brussell, Secretary/Treasurer Jim McMurtry, Jim Richardson, Steve Downs, Tom Lund and Nancy Higdon. Others who have served are Mike Henning, David Harmon, Jerry Fowler Jr., Donna Nally and Barry Papania. The LTCC staff is Executive Director Chris Hamilton and Administrative Assistant Nena Pearl and the LTCC office is located at 239 N. Spalding Avenue in the Centre Square Convention Center in downtown Lebanon.