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Development and Exposure Camp

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Development and Exposure Camp
Louisville Basketball League
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Northern Kentucky University , Regents Hall
Kevin Listerman, VP

Dates to be determined

PROformance Sports, The Louisville Basketball League and the KBDL have joined together to form the PROFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT & EXPOSURE CAMPS to assist in the professional development and placement of basketball players and personnel. PDEC is a professional basketball marketing group designed to help American players find professional basketball playing contracts on European teams as well as domestic minor leagues.

In the past five years,the KBDL, led by Cliff Todd and Larry Tiller, both having been European Pros, set about building the league into a powerhouse of talent and getting KBDL players positions in Europe, South America and with domestic minor leagues;

In the meantime, an agreement was made which brought the Louisville Basketball Leagueinto the fold with PSG. The LBL was touted as "the first and ONLY farm league for the ABA."

The addition of Kevin Listerman to the team, with his college and NCAA experience completed the team and PROFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT & EXPOSURE CAMPS was born. With their varied and sundry experiences, all with one common goal, this team of scouts, agents and advisors created a very unique set of opportunities for elite basketball players.

The PROFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT & EXPOSURE CAMPS was developed for athletes that have completed their college / NCAA eligibility and are looking for professional contracts internationally and with domestic minor leagues. The TDEC is also a conduit for coaches and referees to hone their skills and move up.

The KBDL teams play a regular season and a series of exhibition show case games against each other and against other leagues in an effort to get the their players more training, experience and exposure leading to possible professional contracts, with the summit being the Championship games being played in front of the agents and scouts at the PROFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT & EXPOSURE CAMPS.

The PDEC group is currently planning their second camp, complete with more agents, scouts and advisors than the first one, on June 26 and June 27, 2009. We expect at least 12-15 agents, scouts and coaches with seven already being committed. In the past, the KBDL has been rather effective and highly successful at getting players their first professional contracts. With the addition of the LBL, and PROformance Sports, it can only get better.

As you know, KBDL has moved over 50 players on to careers playing professional basketball both domestic and International. We have moved two coaches on to other full time leagues and have helped move three to college assistant coaching positions. With PROformance Development & Exposure Camps, the melding of the LBL, PROformance Sports and the KBDL, the results is more personnel working for you, more contacts and should result in more basketball players becoming professional basketball players players.

Kevin Listerman, KBDL Vice-President
is in charge of the PROformance Development & Exposure Camps.


MOLTEN is the official basketball of the KBDL and the the LBL and PROFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT AND EXPOSURE CAMPS


the Kentucky Squires