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the Squires Club

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The Squires Club and the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Squire is an organization that works to promote the sport of Basketball within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Our Mission

The Squires Club and the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Squire established to promote, and to give recognition to individuals that have achieved personal and professional attainment of high estate, abiding interest in professional progress and devoted and distinguished service to the sport of basketball.

The Squires Club and the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Squire is made up of individuals who work in or for the sport in various areas. There is fellowship, education, charity, and leadership in our organization. We invite you to learn more about us by talking to our members or through our website. You will find character, charity, and fellowship in abundance among a welcoming group of friends. A place has been saved for you. Please join us.

Being a Kentucky Squire is much more than having an impressive certificate to hang on the wall. Kentucky has the richest of basketball heritage and history. Each Kentucky Squire has made a contribution to that vault of legacy through the deeds that earned their Squire recognition.

Upon receiving their Squires Club membership, the new Squire is invited to become part of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Squire. The challenge is to become even more active in working to serve the sport and in doing so, better the lives of all. Squires accept this challenge without hesitation.

Membership is restricted to One Hundred full-time members.
One may not apply for membership, but must be nominated by three active members.

After the nomination a screening process is conducted thru the Acceptance Committee, chaired by the Commander. The Board of Advisors have the final say on membership and final acceptance must be granted by the entire membership at the Annual Meeting.

Membership is made in consideration of contributions for, and in consideration of fair and just guardianship of the sport of Basketball within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.



Honorable Order the Kentucky Squire

1. Nominating Criteria. In order to be nominated for the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Squire, an individual must:

Be an active, current member of the HOKS.

Possess qualities that set the individual apart from the average person and fan:

Be eligible for nomination by being of good character, having maintained the highest standards of personal conduct throughout their life and career.


Date of request.

Name and information for the requestor.

Name and information of the nominator.

One-two page justification/biography of/for the nominee.

Name and Information of the Approver.

Identification of Award accouterments desired and cost.

6. Accouterments. Accouterments for the HOKS will include:

Official Recognition at the annual meeting

Official Certificate

Other as approved by the HOKS Board of Advisors

The Squires Club consists of three levels.

Level 1
The Squires Club Membership

Level 2
The Kentucky Squire designation

Level 3
The Honorable Order of the Kentucky Squire designation

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