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Opportunities for Involvement

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Opportunities for Involvement

As professional sports have evolved from a national pastime into a multi-billion dollar industry, the opportunity for participation at the ownership level has become increasingly more difficult and cost prohibitive. The Kentucky Basketball Development Leaue is unique in that it offers individuals or a group of individuals the opportunity to be involved in a sport they love and provide the prestige of being a part of a minor league basketball sports franchise.

Why Should I Become involved with a KBDL Basketball Team ?

You will become part of a professional developmental basketball team. The KBLD teams goals are to train athletes to become professional basketball players for European FIBA teams and domestic minor leagues. From our very first season, we have had players sign professional basketball contracts. You can be instrumental in helping shape the careers of young athletes. A KBDL team is fun to be a part of and something that you and your community can be proud of.

As part of the team you will be involved in the community in many ways; building a team for the community; building a business in the community; assisting athletes from the community; a walking voice for the team; becoming involved with local boosters, fans and citizens; many, many different ways; the games are great, affordable family entertainment. Fans appreciate the KBDL game and they appreciate the players. A KBDL player is often a guy who is good at more than just basketball-and as such-he is a good and practical role model.

Not just a passive observer, you will become an active member of the team. IE If you are a photographer, you may become the official photographer of the team; if you are a nurse, if you are an accountant, and if you are simply a basketball fan, we can use your talents also. Your active participation is very important to the team as well as to you, allowing you to be part of your teams growth. Your active participation will also serve to save the team money by not needing to fill that position, allowing the value of the team to rise more quickly. No matter what your position with the team, everyone, KBDL, Coach, Management and you alike will have the job of promotions and sales.

For your small investment of time, the personal returns are many, plus, as the team/business grows, and as you help make it grow, so do the rewards. The Coach/Managing Partner, the General Manager, and KBDL will also be personally involved with the team, so you can see that everyone will have a definite personal interest in insuring that the team is a very good product.

You will be awarded season tickets each year so that you may enjoy each and every game with family and friends. As part of the packages, your tickets will also be good at away games as well as home games.

If you have a business, KBDL will have discounts available for your business in The Full Court Press, as well as if you also choose to be a sponsor in any area of the team or KBDL.

The team that we are looking for are sports fans; Community leaders, bank presidents, truck drivers, waitresses, cooks, basketball players and fans; if you love sports, if your business is looking for a sponsorship outlet, if you want to be part of the team, then KBDL is the place to look. The team that you will join includes professional coaches, former professional players, experienced owners and managers.

Your KBDL BASKETBALL TEAM can be put on the court for a very minimal investment of time and talent. This small investment will give you, and your community a KBDL team. The KBDL management are very reasonable and accomodating and KBDL is easy to work with. Your decision to become a part of a KBDL team really comes down to- --well, it simply comes down to you and your desires; The Pride of Ownership, community involvement or simply being part of the team. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at

Some possibilities:

Assistant Coach
Assistant to the Director of Operations
Director of Marketing & Sales
Account Managers
Community Involvement Coordinator
Squires Club Coordinator
Full Court Press, manages print & photos for the team
Photographers, Videographer, Writers, Sports Reporters
Continuing Education Manager
Personal Trainers
Player Personnel assistants (scouts. Advisors, etc)
Web Design & Maintenance
Entertainment Director
Dance Team Coordinator
Dance Team Members
Game Day Announcer
Media - Radio Announcing Team
Music Coordinator
Game Day Operations Supervisor
Security, for the coaches, the kbdl and VIP’s
Officials Supervisor
Volunteer Coordinator...and Lots of Volunteers
Baseball operations (Yes ! Thats right, I said Baseball !)

If you are interested, and have a talent or desire, I would bet that we have a place for you

Interested in Ownership ? Questions about Ownership ? Let KBDL show you our Team Development and Marketing Plan.