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ABA Crusaders

ABA Crusaders
Development and Exposure Camp
Louisville Basketball League
KBDL Schedule
Opportunities for Involvement

The CRUSADERS, based in Louisville, Kentucky, are an official ABA Travel Team. This unique team plays all their games on the road against some of the best competition around. The CRUSADERS play in a regular season schedule rotation as well as fill in when needed to complete games for other teams. The CRUSADERS will also play "All Star Teams" from around the area and be involved in promoting the ABA and other ABA teams.

The CRUSADERS have some of the best basketball talent in the area, having access to the KBDL rosters, the LBL rosters, other ABA tams and regular tryouts.

"We are excited about this opportunity, and we look forward to bringing ABA style basketball back to the Louisville area", said CRUSADERS CEO Cliff Todd.

About the American Basketball Association;
The ABA existed from 1967 to 1976 -- for nine full seasons. During that time, the ABA fought a bitter war with the established National Basketball Association (the NBA) for players, fans, and media attention. In June 1976, the two rival pro leagues finally made peace. Four of the strongest ABA teams (the New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, and San Antonio Spurs) joined the NBA and survived. The other remaining ABA teams (such as the Kentucky Colonels (Crusaders CEO Cliff Todd was a coach with the Colonels), the Spirits of St. Louis, and the Virginia Squires) vanished, along with the ABA itself.

However, the ABA is still vividly remembered by its loyal fans. The ABA was the "outlaw" league with the psychedelic red, white and blue basketball, outlandish promotions, and huge afros. It was the "lively" league that created the three-point shot -- the exciting "home run" of basketball -- as its own.

It featured dazzling above-the-rim players like Julius ("Dr. J") Erving, Connie Hawkins, George ("Ice") Gervin, David Thompson, George McGinnis, Artis Gilmore, Moses Malone, Roger Brown, Louie Dampier and Dan (the "Horse") Issel. Each of these electric stars first played professional basketball in the ABA -- with young legs and few limitations.

The ABA that merged with the NBA in 1976 is back, with its red, white and blue basketball and high-flying and exciting players that will captivate fans around the world. Based in Indianapolis, it was Re-launched as ABA 2000; since then, the league has continued to expand the number of its current teams and the size of its audience.

The CRUSADERS being its newest team.